how to use grocery outlet chop saw

Can a chop saw make multiple precise cuts?

Multiple Precise Cuts: Keep in mind that because a chop saw only cuts right angles, you can create a series of precision cuts very quickly. Your chop saw is always ready to make the cut and with some small adjustments, you can work very quickly through a project that only requires right angle cuts.

What do you use a chop saw for?

A chop saw is a tool that is used to make cuts that are straight and precise. Many contractors use chop saws to make square cuts. There are also versions of chop saws that are able to make angled cuts.

What are the safety requirements for a chop saw?

For operation of the chop saw, face shield and safety glasses must be worn. 2. Loose clothing, jewelry, or any dangling objects including long hair should not be worn as they may catch in the rotating parts of the saw. Hair must be contained. 3. The maximum cut for the machine must not be exceeded. 4.

What to do if chop saw goes out of service?

Inspect the electrical cord and plug for defects.  If a miter or chop saw fails the pre-use inspection, notify your supervisor and remove the saw from service by attaching a red tag that states “OUT OF SERVICE.” Complete red tag with appropriate information. Operating Precautions


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