How to Use hackzall

Can a Sawzall be used as a hackzall?

If you’re familiar with the M18 or M12 Fuel Hackzall models, the basic form factor is the same. By taking the inline design of a Sawzall and turning the motor up at an angle, you get a shorter tool.

Which is the best place to learn hacking skills?

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What kind of Hacking courses can I take with Cybrary?

Some of those paths include Security, Social Engineering, Malware Analysis, Post Exploitation Hacking, and Advanced Penetration Testing. Whichever advanced path you choose, Cybrary’s extensive course library is the best online source for all of your hacking needs. Who can take a hacking course? With Cybrary, anyone is able to take a hacking course.

Is the M18 hackzall a top heavy tool?

On the M18 Hackzall (which I had on-hand for this review and have used extensively), the motor extends well off the back of the tool. It gives the tool more of a top-heavy feel when you pitch it forward to cut. That can actually help when you want more weight to the workpiece—but I’ll cover more on that later.


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