How to Use hilti bandsaw

Is the Hilti SB 4-a22 cordless band saw spark free?

The Hilti SB 4-A22 Cordless Band Saw’s spark-free performance makes it suitable for cutting a number of materials, including metal profiles, threaded rods, plastic pipes, metal pipes, and rebar.

What do you need to know about Hilti training?

They include theoretical and hands-on training in the different applications, selection and installation of our products. Our trainers are certified Hilti engineers with years of experience, who work onsite with our customers, everyday, all over the world.

What can Hilti PROFIS rebar be used for?

Hilti PROFIS Rebar can design a wide range of rebar applications. You can design for both Eurocode 2 or use Hilti’s design method. Our method can design applications, which aren’t covered by Eurocode 2 and for shorter anchorage lengths.

How to get a Hilti power actuated tool card?

In order to receive a “Qualified Operator of Power-Actuated Tools” Card for using Hilti’s Direct Fastening Tools, you will need to coordinate with your local Hilti representative to set up the training and testing for your company. Let us know if you have any additional questions.


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