How to Use hilti circular saw

How big is the blade on a Hilti circular saw?

It sports a 6-1/2-inch blade, as did about half of the saws. Although there are no bevel stops, its bevel capacity is 0-50°, allowing cuts 2-1/4-inch at 90° and 1-5/8-inch at 45°. A metal blade guard and blade brake protect the user before, during, and after the cut.

What to know before using a circular saw?

There are several points that the user should check before using the saw. This will maximize the chances of a successful and productive work session. Choose the correct blade for the material being sawed. Make sure the blade is sharp enough to cut the material at hand so that the saw stays under control.

What kind of blade for a circular saw?

Ultimate Ultimate circular saw blade for straight, fast, cold cutting in stainless steel and extra life in other metal Blade features: Special for cordless, Cold cut, Long life, Precise cut]

How big is a 22 V cordless circular saw?

Please udpate or reset your applied filters. 22 V cordless, lightweight circular saw for cutting materials up to 57 mm thick


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