How to Use hilti skill saw cordless

What kind of power does a Hilti circular saw have?

Hilti's made a solid circular saw that excels in build quality, comfort, and cutting performance but lags in power output, especially for the voltage and premium price. The spotlights of each saw that competed in our recent grand circular saw shootout continue today with the Hilti 22V Circular Saw.

What can you cut with a cordless saw?

Find out how our cordless saws are designed for heavy-duty cutting in metal, wood, drywall, masonry or plastics

Which is the best cordless tool for construction?

See how to increase your productivity and mobility by using cordless tools: hammer drill drivers, impacts, angle grinders, rotary hammers and saws Find the ideal power tool for your everyday construction work: Power from 22 to 36 Volt and weight class from 2-4 kg (4-9 lbs.), with different modes for drilling and chiseling.

Do you need a DX certification for Hilti powder?

Direct Fastening Online Certification The DX online training program is designed for all construction professionals who want to get a better understanding of the fundamentals of direct fastening and how to safely operate Hilti powder and gas-actuated tools.


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