How to Use jigsaw for beginners

What's the best way to start a jigsaw?

An alternative to the starter hole method is a plunge cut, or pocket cut. On rough work, lean the saw forward onto the front lip of the shoe so that the blade is parallel to the wood. Start the saw and when at full speed, tip the saw back to ease the blade into the wood.

What kind of material can you cut with a jigsaw?

A jigsaw (or a saber saw) cuts when the jigsaw blade is activated by pulling a trigger and blade moves in up and down motion rapidly. You need to have a specific jigsaw blade to cut the type of material like metal, tile, wood, plastics, etc. It all depends on blade material that it can cuts or not.

How is the base of a Jigsaw used?

The base of the jigsaw, called the shoe, rests on top of the material being cut. For a regular straight cut, the shoe and the blade are at 90-degrees. The angle of the shoe can be adjusted so that body and blade of the saw are tilted to make a bevel cut through material.

Where to place the blade on a jigsaw?

The shoe of the jigsaw is the metal base and this is what you will start by positioning. The tip of the shoe should be on top of the material that you intend to cut. You need to take note of the side of the cut line you wish to make the cut on, and this is where you will place the blade.


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