How to Use jigsaw jig

Do You need A Guide to use a jigsaw?

For a straight cut, you will need a guide for your saw to follow. This is because the jigsaw blade can easily go off path due to its small size unless it’s guided. You can use a straight piece of wood clamped at both ends as a guide. There’s a limit to the thickness of a material a jigsaw can cut.

How are Jigsaw activities used in the classroom?

A jigsaw activity is a cooperative learning technique where students work in groups to teach each other something. The groups are given an overall assignment, and each student in each group becomes an 'expert' on a smaller part of it.

How to make a jigsaw for cooperative learning?

Step 1: Form teams and assign a leader. Each group should be four students. There are eight parts of speech and each student will become an expert on two of the parts of speech. Step 2: The leader should help the group members each choose 2 parts of speech. You will probably need to group the parts of speech into two sections.

What kind of cuts can a jigsaw make?

A jigsaw is versatile enough to make straight, compound and beveled cuts through boards. Hold the workpiece firmly and guide the saw steadily against a saw fence. Avoid driving blades into the benchtop (bending and breaking them) by using rails to raise the workpiece.


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