How to Use jobmax jigsaw

What kind of jig saw blade does jobmax use?

R8223407 Jig Saw Attachment Head, Blade, Anti-Splintering Insert and Operator’s Manual.

What can you do with a jobmax multi tool?

The JobMax system of tools is the ultimate in versatility. Once you get this new 12-Volt multi-tool in your hand you will begin to think of a seemingly endless list of jobs that can be accomplished with it. Whether you are cutting wood, metal or plastic or using as a detail sander, this tool will become a vital member of your tool collection.

What kind of work can you do with a jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a versatile and easy-to-use power tool that allows DIYers and professionals alike to make straight or intricate curved cuts for craft projects or other woodworking tasks.

What can you do with a Ridgid jig saw?

The RIDGID JobMax Jigsaw Head is a versatile tool that is great for many jobs. It sleek design allows for increased control, maneuverability and accurate cutting. This versatile tool can be used to cut wood, drywall and metal.


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