How to Use john deere pole saw

How to properly operate a pole saw-training for trees?

A nationally recognised statement of attainment such as FPICOT3238B Operate a Pole Saw is one of the ways to document that approved training and assessment has been carried out. We recommend the unit AHCPGD203A Prune Shrubs and Small Trees is carried out in conjunction with the pole saw unit, as a minimum.

Do you know how to use a pole saw?

Understand how to use a pole saw: As with any tool or project, you want to do your research before you purchase or begin using the item. For instance, the best saw for cutting tree branches may be different than the best pole saw to prune small bushes. Go to the store, look around in person, hold the saw in your hand and do research online.

How is the chain on a pole saw maintained?

Maintenance of the bar and chain is the same as for the conventional chainsaw, just ensure you use the correct chain tension file size and stick to the correct filing angles as per the chain manufacturer’s recommendations.

How big of a tree can a pole saw cut?

A great choice if you need the ability to reach longer distances or higher trees. In terms of cutting ability, this type of pole saw will work best on tree branches between three and eight inches in diameter. Require very little maintenance.


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