How to Use jr3050t

What makes a Makita jr3050t a good tool?

The JR3050T is engineered with all ball and needle bearings for longer tool life, and a durable body design with a protective rubber boot to seal the motor and bearings from dust and debris. I love my Makita! It's a beast!

What can you do with a jr3051t reciprocating saw?

The JR3051T is a versatile and powerful reciprocating saw engineered for demolition, metal cutting, wood cutting, drywall and plaster, plastics and remodeling. It's ideal for builders, roofers, metal fabricators, remodelers and general contractors seeking a best-in-class industrial quality reciprocating saw.

Do you need to avoid the jre300 course?

Avoid JRE300 if you haven't done accounting/finance before. The course is very fast paced and leaves people who have never done accounting (normally in highschool) at a great disadvantage. Midterm was so hard I had to drop the course. There are also group projects which are marked very harshly.

What are the parts of a jr3050t shoe?

Parts Breakdown JR3050T Fig # Part ID Part Name Quantity Products with multiple versions are listed in subsiding order with the newest version on top not indented 1 163451-9 SHOE, JR3050T 1 2 421892-8 INSULATION COVER, JR3050T 1 3 424147-0 PROTECTOR, JR3050T 1 421894-4 PROTECTOR, JR3050T 4 257952-8 RETAINING RING (EXT) 18, JR3060T 1


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