how to use kobalt wet tile saw

Which is an example of a Kobalt wet tile saw?

A specific example of the Kobalt wet tile saw is the Kobalt 7 inch bench tile saw with stand that can be viewed and purchased from the website

How big is a 7 inch Kobalt tile saw?

The parts of the Kobalt tile saw parts of the 7 incher are a 110 volts heavy duty motor, a front injected type water cooling system, a 14” by 11” sliding table, a safety mechanism in cases of overload, with a blade that has the capacity to cut a 12” by 12” tile with a thickness of 1 ¼”.

Can a Kobalt band saw be used to cut marble?

Band saw is not merely a Kobalt tile saw but also a hardened type of saw which is capable of even cutting granite and marble. The long blade with the teeth on the side allows for precision cutting. This type of saw is mounted on the table and with an exchange of blade it is also used to cut glass with precision.

What makes a wet tile saw so easy to use?

It also includes a roll cage and a drain plug which allows you to quickly remove the water without making a mess when you’re done using the saw. The splash guard prevents the water from getting on your hands and miter square helps you line up miter cuts and repeatable rip cuts, making it easy and enjoyable to use the saw.


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