How to Use left handed saw

Can a left hand saw be used with a right hand saw?

If you are a righty using a left handed saw, your left arm will need to cross over your right to hold onto the auxiliary handle. Considering that the blade is now aligned directly beneath your crossed arms this might not be the ideal situation.

Which is the best way to cut with a hand saw?

If you're right handed, stand with your left foot further out than your right and lean with your left side into the direction of the cut. Hold the saw such that your index finger is pointing along the saw in the direction you want to cut. This will help keep things aligned.

Which is the correct hand to hold a circular saw?

Your controlling Right or left hand should be holding the handle. Your other hand should be holding the retained board be it to the right or left. Thus, the blade's cutting edge will never be closer than about 6" to any portion of your hand.

How can I write with my left hand?

For example, when I am writing with a regular pen or pencil, my hand smudges my lettering as it goes over it. To fix that, I change the position of my hand so that my palm does not smudge any of the lettering, which means that I position my hand underneath the line that I’m writing.


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