How to Use m18 fuel metal cutting circular saw

Which is the M18 fuel metal cutting circular saw?

The M18 FUEL 135mm-150mm (5-3/8" – 5-7/8") Metal Saw delivers the fastest cuts with the longest tool life and up to 370 cuts in 19mm (¾") EMT. This compact and lightweight metal cutting saw utilises a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor with 3,900 RPMs to deliver the fastest cutting speeds and longest tool life on the market.

What kind of metal can the M18 fuel cut?

I decided to put the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 8″ Metal Cutting Circular Saw to the ultimate test—cutting hardened steel U-beam I had in the shop. I knew if it can cut that, it could cut anything I have.

What kind of saw is the Milwaukee M18 fuel?

The MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL 135mm-150mm (5-3/8" – 5-7/8”) Metal Saw features a compact, low-profile design for easy handling and increased control. At only 2.2kg, this lightweight circular metal saw delivers easier overhead cuts and less user fatigue. The new saw offers an integrated hang hook that allows for easy storage while the tool is not in use.

What kind of metal can you cut with a M18 saw?

The M18 Metal Saw comes with a 5-3/8" 30T Carbide-Tipped Metal Saw Blade that makes cool, burr-free cuts through EMT, strut, threaded rod, sheet metal, angle iron and other ferrous materials. This type of metal cutting, including much larger miter saws, are very popular for cutting metal in Europe.


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