How to Use mafell jigsaw

Can a p1cc Jigsaw be used with a Mafell guide rail?

The P1cc compatibility with the Mafell Guide Rail System makes for even greater precision. In the interest of a standard sole plate capable of ensuring absolutely square cuts, a separate tilting plate was developed for making angled cuts up to +/- 45°.

What do you use a Mafell Jigsaw for?

Mafell is a precision jigsaw which is a kind of saw used for drilling and scraping the wood and make cuts smoothly and precisely It is easy to use and used by the people who want to achieve no compromises in their work.

Do You need A Guide to use a jigsaw?

For a straight cut, you will need a guide for your saw to follow. This is because the jigsaw blade can easily go off path due to its small size unless it’s guided. You can use a straight piece of wood clamped at both ends as a guide. There’s a limit to the thickness of a material a jigsaw can cut.

Which is better Mafell saw or Festool saw?

Mafell P1CC 240V Precision Jigsaw. The Festool is also a saw which helps in the boosting the speed and the productivity of the work It helps in gaining more efficiency and bring proper and more precision to the work. It helps in creating the work and enhancing the performance which is demanded by you.


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