How to Use makita 2107f

Where can I get Makita power tool training?

Our future is important, Makita knows this and so is proud to be the only tools manufacturer to offer training in the use of any and all power tools from within its National Training Centre in Milton Keynes.

What kind of motor does the Makita 2107fz have?

The 2107FZ is powered by a 6.5 AMP motor and delivers 200-350 ft./min., with a variable speed control dial that allows the user to match the speed to the application.

What's the safest way to use a Makita?

Use clamps or a vice to secure and support your workpiece to a stable platform. It is safer than using your hand and frees both hands to operate the machine. REMOVE ADJUSTING TOOLS. Make a habit of checking that all keys, wrenches, etc are removed from the tool before turning it on.

What do you need for a Makita combo kit?

Combo kits come with more than one corded or cordless tool, an LXT lithium-ion battery, and an appropriate battery charger. Many Makita kits come with a blue storage bag. Examples of combination power tool kits include:


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