How to Use makita 2703

What do you need to know about Makita 2705?

In addition to the switch setting, the Makita 2705 has immense storage capability. Owners of the Makita power tool will be able to conveniently store their saw blade safely protected enclosed underneath the table. In addition, it is able to store the miter gauge, rip fence, wrench, push stick safety guard and the dado blade.

How big is the fence on a Makita 2703 table saw?

For several generations now, the 2703's fence has continued to wiggle this way and that, requiring the user to either measure twice, from the front and rear of the blade to the fence, or, to attempt to keep an even reveal between the fence and the ribs that run longitudinally in the table top.

Can you cut miters on a Makita 2703?

2) Cutting miters on the 2703 is an even more awkward affair, given the sloppy fit in the miter slot and the cheaply-made miter accessory. 3) While touted as powerful, the 2703's motor has bogged down, blown fuses, etc. when ripping 1 x pine stock against its substandard fence.

Where can I get Makita power tool training?

Our future is important, Makita knows this and so is proud to be the only tools manufacturer to offer training in the use of any and all power tools from within its National Training Centre in Milton Keynes.


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