How to Use makita drop saw

Why are Makita saws safer than regular saws?

Makita’s slide-out stabilizer slips into a groove to prevent the saw from lifting off the track during beveled cuts. The track itself provides kickback protection by virtually eliminating the risk of veering off course and binding the blade in a cut, making these saws safer than a standard circular saw.

Which is the best tracksaw to use for wood cutting?

Makita’s corded tracksaw made the cleanest cuts, as shown here in melamine-coated particleboard. The Grizzly saw created more chip-out in the same material. The Festool, Makita, and Triton saws earned the highest marks for clean cuts. Also, Festool’s saw-mounted chip guard ( below) prevents chip-out along the offcut side of the blade.

Can a miter saw be used in a workshop?

Turn your "chop" saw into a precision cutting tool with these helpful tips. Few tools can match a mitersaw for portability and quick setup. But the real test for woodworkers comes down to this: Can it make clean, accurate cuts day-in and day-out in a workshop setting? The answer: a qualified "yes."

Where is the best place to buy a drop saw in Australia?

Look no further. Sydney Tools offer a massive range of drop saws at razor sharp prices. Whether you’re a carpenter by trade or you’re taking on a big home DIY project, you’ll find Australia’s best range of compound, sliding and cordless saws to make light work of any job.


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