How to Use makita ls1019l

What's the difference between the Makita ls1018 and LS 1019l?

It does have a bigger footprint due to the standard slide rails than it’s cousin, the Makita LS1019L, but that saw’s features come with a higher price tag (and total weight). But because of the slightly limited fence height and blade clearance in the back, you may not be able to make vertical cuts on tall baseboards and large crown molding.

Is the Makita ls1219l a good miter saw?

Further down we suggest another Makita brand miter saw that is a comparable alternative, and who knows maybe you’ll stumble across a LS1219L at a garage sale one day. This miter saw is a part of Makita’s DXT™ (Deep and Exact Cutting Technology) series.

Which is Makita sliding compound saw with laser?

The Makita 10" dual-bevel sliding compound Miter saw with laser (model LS1019L) delivers large cutting capacity and accuracy right out of the box. With the LS1019L, you'll get all the cutting performance you need in a slide compound saw, but with the most compact size in the Category for increased portability.

Where can I get training for Makita construction tools?

Training is universal; it doesn't just apply to Makita brand tools, and is open to all within the construction industry as well as teachers and other school/college trainers. Below is information on the courses we offer. If you would like any more information please phone our training team on 01908 211678 or email [email protected]


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