How to Use makita miter

What can I do with a Makita compound miter saw?

The Makita 8-1/2” Slide Compound Miter Saw (model LS0815F) combines a compact and lightweight design with a powerful direct-drive motor. Portable and powerful, the LS0815F is an ideal cutting solution for applications ranging from woodworking and carpentry to room-to-room applications like finish, trim, and flooring installation.

Where can I get Makita power tool training?

Our future is important, Makita knows this and so is proud to be the only tools manufacturer to offer training in the use of any and all power tools from within its National Training Centre in Milton Keynes.

What do you need to be an Makita instructor?

To be an instructor you require to be a competent user. The course is aimed for the candidate to deliver and run a user course on power tools. On successfully completing the course the candidate will be issued with a City & Guilds accredited user certificate and a Makita instructor certificate.

What can Makita cordless tools be used for?

Makita cordless tools are engineered for industrial applications, and for added protection during the most demanding jobs Makita created STAR Protection Computer Controls™.


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