How to Use makita skill saw 18v

Is the Makita 18V LXT cordless circular saw cordless?

The Makita 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-1/2” Circular Saw delivers cordless cutting power to the job site. The XSS02Z (tool only) has a Makita-built high-torque motor and a compact design for a range of cutting applications, and will cut 2X material at 45 degrees. The Makita-built high torque motor produces 3,700 RPM for faster cutting.

What can you do with a Makita circular saw?

Contractors and homeowners alike find that Makita circular saws make it easier to cut wood, metal, and even masonry for construction or repairs. The company's reputation for high-quality power tools has made their circular saws a common sight in garages and on jobsites all over the world.

Where can I get Makita power tool training?

Our future is important, Makita knows this and so is proud to be the only tools manufacturer to offer training in the use of any and all power tools from within its National Training Centre in Milton Keynes.

Is the Makita xsh10 a cordless circular saw?

The Makita XSH10 shifts into a new area for the brand: high-capacity cordless circular saws. With a 9 1/4-inch blade, this 18V X2 circular saw has the ability to cut deeper than any other cordless circular in the line. We tested it head-to-head against the best cordless circular saws currently available.


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