How to Use makita sliding miter saw

What kind of miter saw does Makita make?

The Makita 12” Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser (model LS1219L) combines capacity, accuracy and efficient dust extraction in a more compact size, with a unique 2-Steel Rail Sliding System that offers a reduced footprint for operation flush against a wall. The innovative direct-drive gearbox and guard system is engineered for ...

What's the proper way to use a sliding miter saw?

When using a sliding miter saw, there is a proper way to make a sliding cut (used to cut wider boards): Start by putting your board against the fence and clamp it. Before you start the blade, pull the saw toward you until the blade is directly over the board’s edge that is closest to you.

Can a compound miter saw cut at both angles?

Compound miter saws can complete both types of angles with a single cut. This type of miter saw has an adjustment mechanism to swing the blade from left to right. Additionally, the blade can be tilted so that it cuts at an angle instead of straight down.

How big of a blade do you need for a miter saw?

Miter saws come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The size (usually from 7.25″ up to 12″) refers to the diameter of the blade on the saw. The larger the blade the wider the boards it can cut. However, if you purchase a “sliding” miter saw, you can usually cut a few inches wider than your blade diameter.

LS1219 LS1219L

Slide Compound Miter Saw. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. EN. FR. Scie à Onglet Radiale … tion of exposure in the actual conditions of use (taking.

Makita Mitre Saws | Total Tools

80+ stores nationwide & access to over 60000 Tools online. Every Tool, Every Trade. … MAKITA 1010W 190mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw LS0714. SKU# ..52538.

Makita Mitre Saws –

Makita mitre saws are specifically designed to make angled cuts into wood or similar materials. Cutting capacity depending on saw type can cope with small …

Makita Miter Saws | Acme Tools

Many Makita compound miter saws feature an exclusive system of six linear ball bearings that increase their vertical cutting capacity, which saves lots of time.


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