How to Use makita table saw 2704

What kind of blade does Makita 2705 table saw have?

The 2705 has a tool less blade guard system and the riving knife/spreader has three different positions for through, non-through, and dado cuts–and you can adjusts this without removing the throat plate. As with most saws, the Makita 2705 comes with a 32 tooth carbide tipped blade.

What is the cutting depth of a Makita 2704?

At 0 degree, you get cutting depth of 3-1/8 inches while at 45 degree, you get 2-1/4 inches cutting depth. You can also do minor modifications as well by removing the fence screws. Makita 2704 has very good work surface area. The table length right and back includes from 665 to 1045mm and Width from 753 to 1066mm.

What are the features of a Makita table saw?

The right sub table extends to rip cutting capacity of 4'x8' material. The other main features are: * Large machined aluminum table top for accurate cutting work. * Precision rip fence provides accuracy.

Is the Makita 2705 good for on site work?

That being said, the Makita 2705 (x1 (if you got the stand)), is a nice, portable, compact saw that should provide you with enough power for on-site work or general woodworking for the hobbyist on a smaller budget. Out of the box, as with nearly any product -- there is a little tinkering you'll need to do to get it setup properly.


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