How to Use makita xbp01

Where can I get Makita power tool training?

Our future is important, Makita knows this and so is proud to be the only tools manufacturer to offer training in the use of any and all power tools from within its National Training Centre in Milton Keynes.

Which is the best tool to use with Makita?

Best New Makita Tools 2019 1 Makita LXT 18V X2 Cordless Power Cutter XCE01. Makita is on board with a cordless power cutter using a 9″ blade that gives you cutting up to 3.5″ deep. 2 Makita Charging Radio XRM10B. It’s finally here! ... 3 10,000-Lumen Hybrid LED Work Light DML809. ... 4 18V LED Flashlight/Spotlight DML812. ...

What do you need for a Makita combo kit?

Combo kits come with more than one corded or cordless tool, an LXT lithium-ion battery, and an appropriate battery charger. Many Makita kits come with a blue storage bag. Examples of combination power tool kits include:

Are there any new Makita cordless tools coming out?

By the end of 2020, Makita is going to have more than 250 cordless tools, all powered by the same 18V LXT batteries. And as they look to even more powerful cordless solutions, be on the lookout for Makita’s 40V Max XGT line in late 2020! Want more? Join our newsletter and get the latest tool reviews every week!


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