How to Use meat saw blade

Can you use band saw blades to cut meat?

It can often be very difficult to find meat and bone cutting band saw blades that last long enough to keep your butcher shop running. Cutting meat with little waste and downtime can increase your meat cutting efficiency significantly.

What kind of saw blade do you use to cut bone?

The professionals usually use two types’ meat band saw blades. The Butcher band saw blade is the first type of meat saw blade, which is mainly used to cut bones and frozen meat. It cuts bone and frozen meat chunks quite easily.

What kind of meat saw do you need?

Professional quality meat saws for every processor's needs. From ergonomic hand saws to commercial-quality electric meat saws, LEM Products has what you need for both home and commercial use. Our saw blades are designed specifically for high-speed friction to help you make quick clean cuts through bone and meat with ease.

What makes a meat saw blade go fast?

Dragging teeth backward under pressure will dull blade fast. Keep control, let the saw cut don't force it. Too much pressure on ends of the saw will flex blade, resulting in short blade life along with tiring operator. About one stroke per second is top speed.


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