How to Use metabo sawzall

How to repair a Metabo tool at home?

For a low fixed cost, our Metabo Factory Technicians will repair and maintain your tool with genuine Metabo parts. Select your tool down the list, process your order, use the supplied shipping label to expedite your tool to us.

Why do people use Metabo circular table saws?

Professionals from all over the world happily choose our band saws, circular table saws, and construction circular saws because they value the high levels of comfort, reliability, and precision they offer. Many of our semi-stationary saws can also be folded up in just a few seconds, then conveniently transported.

What makes a Metabo Jigsaw a good tool?

Our jigsaws are experts at curve cuts and fine adjustments. Their slim handles make them top-of-the-line choices for ergonomics, and their components made of high-quality cast aluminum make them especially robust. Reciprocating saws from Metabo are extremely versatile and ideal for making fast cuts. They reliably cut wood, plastics, or metal pipes.

Can a Hitachi tool be used with a Metabo tool?

These are all brushless motor 36-volt tools whose batteries are backwards compatible with the existing 18-volt tools from Hitachi…er, Metabo HPT…er, Hitachi. Wait, there are no existing 18-volt tools from Metabo HPT yet! Anyway, the 36-volt MultiVolt packs can be used in 18-volt tools, but not vice versa.


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