How to Use metal skill saw

What can you cut with a skill saw?

A skill saw can cut through almost anything that you would have to use in a home renovation project. These include: It is essential that you have the best blade for cutting the material of your choice. For lumber, the right blade is 6.5 inches or 17 cm. Depending on the thickness of the material, you will have to use different blade sizes.

What should I do before cutting metal with a saw?

 Ensure that the blade is completely stopped before removing the stock.  Use cutting or lubricating fluid when cutting metals.  Keep saw blade clean and sharp. Check blades regularly for wear or damage.  Select the correct blade and saw speed for the material being cut.

What kind of metal saw do you need?

 Make sure you understand instructions and are properly trained before operating a metal saw. Cold cutting saws include hand and powered hacksaws, band saws and horizontal and vertical circular saws Hot cutting saws use an abrasive disc or large toothless (friction) circular saw. 5.2 Basic Safety Measures for Metal Saw Operation

How do you measure material for a skill saw?

Measure the Material Using a carpenter’s pencil or a marker, make a line from where you want to cut the material. Check twice to see if the line is straight and is measured according to your required length. These lines direct where the skill saw should go.


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