How to Use milwaukee band saw blades

What kind of band saw does Milwaukee use?

Portable Band Saw. Milwaukee's Band Saws are the choice of professionals. With high torque and powerful motor this band saw will maintain a steady, optimum blade speed. The excellent balance, high visibility and quick blade change system make this band saw easy to work with.

What do you need to know about a band saw?

Most band saws also come with a fence, used for resawing, and a miter gauge to use when cross-cut sawing. Band saw blades ride on rubber- covered wheels. It is important to have proper blade tension to match the blade width. Band saw blades are also available in a variety of sizes and tooth styles.

What's the best way to cut waste off a band saw?

Hold your hands on both sides of the cut line and clear of the blade. If a small piece of waste is being cut off, keep both hands on the main piece. If your hands are on the small waste piece, they may slip into the blade as the piece is released by the cut.

Which is the best deep cut band saw?

The M18 FUEL™ Deep Cut and Compact Dual-Trigger Band Saws incorporate the same features, durability, and performance as the M18 FUEL™ Deep Cut and Compact Band Saws with the addition of a dual-trigger. The M12™ Sub-Compact Band Saw is the most compact and lightest weight cordless band saw on the market.


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