How to Use milwaukee fuel brushless circular saw

Is the Milwaukee M18 fuel circular saw good?

Milwaukee's M18 Fuel 7-1/4" Circular Saw competes with dual battery and 36V systems. It still performs well. You'll get the best run time and cutting consistency at this price point, and you'll have to almost double it to get to the level that Hilti is at. Need One For Yourself?

What's the difference between Milwaukee brushless and cordless fuel tools?

This technological leap led to Milwaukee’s high-performance cordless FUEL tools. Recently, Milwaukee released a compact line of brushless tools to complement the powerful FUEL line and meant for tight spaces. Brushless motors replace old brushed motor technology and offer more power with less heat.

How big is the battery on a Milwaukee circular saw?

Need One For Yourself? The new Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw features a single 18V battery system that runs a 7-1/4″ blade. This entry into the full size cordless circular saw arena made waves because of the fact that it only uses that one M18 RedLithium battery.

What's the difference between a circular saw and a fuel saw?

The newest Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw looks very similar to the other cordless saws on the market. The big difference of course, is that it is running a 7-1/4″ blade rather than the 6-1/2″ than most do.


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