How to Use milwaukee hackzall m18

Is the Milwaukee M18 fuel Hackzall a good tool?

Reciprocating saws – or Sawzalls are they as known around the industry – are not usually a Pro’s favorite tool to use each day. They’re aggressive, rough tools that can fatigue you quickly if you’re not used to them. Smaller models like the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hackzall offer some relief to your hands and arms for a performance tradeoff.

What do you need for a Milwaukee hackzall?

The Milwaukee HackZall comes in a standard retail box. Inside we found a zippered-top tool bag, the HackZall, a metal blade, a single M18 XC battery, charger, and instruction manual. The bag is large enough to store the tool with a blade inserted, and also contain the full complement of battery and charger.

What's the difference between a M18 and M18 Hackzall?

The other difference is that the HackZall cannot stand vertically upon the battery. In fact, you either need to lay the tool on its side or stand it up by tipping it forward until the blade rests parallel to the surface. Milwaukee’s M18 HackZall is the expected red and black, with plenty of rubber overmold where it counts.

When did the Milwaukee hackzall M12 Recip saw come out?

The M12 Fuel Hackzall recip saw cuts the depth of the motor by roughly an inch. Milwaukee also adjusted the pitch of the handle (and, thus, the entire tool) to the battery by more than 15 degrees. Editor’s Note: This review originally published in August 2014.


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