How to Use milwaukee m12 sawzall

When did the Milwaukee hackzall M12 Recip saw come out?

The M12 Fuel Hackzall recip saw cuts the depth of the motor by roughly an inch. Milwaukee also adjusted the pitch of the handle (and, thus, the entire tool) to the battery by more than 15 degrees. Editor’s Note: This review originally published in August 2014.

What kind of saw is the Milwaukee M12?

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation introduces a new industry first, the M12 Hackzall reciprocating saw - a compact, lightweight saw designed for powerful, versatile cutting in tight spaces for virtually all tradesman as they tackle plumbing, electrical, remodeling and HVAC applications.

Is the Milwaukee 12 amp Sawzall made in the USA?

However, it’s a Made in the USA product that has a 5-year warranty most brands don’t meet or exceed. While Milwaukee’s age shows compared to some of the newer reciprocating saws in this class, it’s still a relevant tool.

Can a Sawzall blade be used on a M12?

Changes can be made in seconds, not minutes – and as the M12 accepts both Hackzall and Sawzall blades, you can be content in knowing there are options available for you, without the compromise on time of your project when swapping between various blades.


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