How to Use milwaukee reciprocating saw

Which is the best reciprocating saw in the market?

The Milwaukee Fuel Sawzall impressed us in every test. The Milwaukee 2720-21 M18 Fuel Sawzall was a standout. Not only does it come with the cordless reciprocating saw, battery, charger, reciprocating saw blades, and instruction manual, but it has a stud hanger as well.

Which is the best Milwaukee 10 amp reciprocating saw?

We put our 10 – 12-amp reciprocating saws through a series of 3 tests: wood cutting, thin metal, and thick metal. You can check out the full detail of each test on our best reciprocating saw main page. In our nail-embedded wood test, Milwaukee cut the slowest. The range went from 12.86 seconds (Metabo HPT) to Milwaukee’s 28.86-second average.

What is the variable speed trigger on a Milwaukee reciprocating saw?

With the Milwaukee 2420-20 model, a variable speed trigger is included. This is a vital addition, especially if you want complete control over every cut you make. The variable speed trigger allows you to dictate the speed on your cuts, so you can cut different materials without having a set speed to do so with.

What kind of saw is the M12 reciprocating saw?

The M12 (2420-20) model is a one-handed and cordless reciprocating saw introduced by Milwaukee. It is the first in line in the 2420 series and is the lightest of the trio when comparing designs between each other. If you don’t have too much time on your hands, you can have a skim through our overview of the Milwaukee M12 Hackzall below.


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