How to Use miter box

What do you need to know about a miter box?

A miter box consists of two components—a hand saw whose teeth are set for crosscutting (cutting against the grain of the wood) and a “box” that is pre-fashioned with slots on both sides to help the woodworker make accurate angled cuts (typically 90° and 45°).

How to make an elementary school mitre box?

Elementary Mitre Box 1 Tools and Materials. A miter box could hardly be simpler, consisting as it does of only three pieces – front, back, and bottom. 2 Marking. Apply the measured width to the length of one edge and make a second mark. ... 3 Cutting. Make a cut along the three marks using your hand saw. ... 4 Use. ... 5 Use in the Kitchen. ...

How do you cut wood with a miter box?

Hold the wood firmly against the opposite fence of the miter box. Beginning a cut can be difficult, because the saw tends to dig in. Draw the saw toward you a few times, to create a shallow groove in the wood. Now when you push the saw, it should cut more easily. If you still have trouble, drag the saw toward you a few more times.

What kind of machine do you need to cut miter?

Basic, standard cuts can be done on simple materials using a miter box and a hand saw. More complex cuts will need a circular or table saw. These can be rented from your local big box hardware store and they can advise on exactly which type of machine you need.


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