How to Use miter cuts with circular saw

Can a circular saw be used to make miter cuts?

Now you can use most circular saw to do bevel and miter cuts, but I never have. To make a miter cut, you would have to have a compass to mark the angle, then you just carefully cut across the line. My circular saw will also make bevel cuts, it’s just an easy turn of the base or “shoe”.

Can a miter saw be used as a jigsaw?

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. A miter saw is the tool of choice for making angled cuts on many types of trim and lumber. Unlike a circular saw or jigsaw, which are freehand tools, a miter saw fixes the blade at a preset angle so it's easy to make highly accurate, repeatable cuts quickly and safely.

Which is the best way to describe a miter cut?

A miter cut makes an angle from one side edge of the wood to the other; think of a picture frame or the decorative wall trim around a door or window. A bevel cut is an angle along the edge or end of a workpiece, with the angle running from back to front or front to back; think of baseboard meeting at a wall corner.

Can a circular saw be used to cut baseboards?

You can use a circular to miter cut trim like baseboards or quarter rounds in a pinch, however, since a circular saw is less accurate than a dedicated compound miter saw you should plan to caulk the joints afterward. A carpenter’s speed square can be used as a circular saw miter guide if you don’t trust your freehand cutting skills.


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