how to use miter gauge for table saw

What should the miter gauge be on a table saw?

As with any operation with a table saw, always keep your hands well away from the table saw's blade . Angled cross-cuts are similar to square cuts, except that the miter gauge is set to an angle of up to 45 degrees before sliding the gauge and corresponding wood piece toward the blade to make the cut.

How do you make a cross cut with a miter gauge?

To make a cross-cut: Slide the miter gauge backwards (toward your body) to the front edge of the saw table, and place a board against the flat edge of the gauge. Make a pencil mark on the wood where you want to make the cross-cut, and align that mark with the saw blade (while keeping the board flat against the miter gauge).

How does a mitre saw work on wood?

Important – The mitre saw CANNOT rip through a board! The guard, of course, protects the blade. As you lower the saw to make a cut, the guard moves out of the way. The fence helps you align the wood to make sure the cuts are straight and square. It is the angle gauge on the table. It helps make angled cuts across the board.

How does a miter gauge work on a rip fence?

A rip fence provides a cutting guide that runs from the front of the table to the back. This is parallel to the cutting plane of the blade. A Miter gauge holds and guides material at a specific angle to make a precise cut. The locking mechanism pivots from 45 to -45 degrees and slides into a slot (miter slot).


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