How to Use miter saw measuring tool

How to get more accurate cuts with your miter saw?

The first thing you need to do is determine exactly where you blade cuts, and if you are using the laser guide, you want to know where it cuts relative to that line. Take two pieces of scrap wood and draw a cut line on them. On each board, mark one end as the “Keep” side.

What can a power miter saw be used for?

Power miter saws are designed to make angled cuts for moulding, trim work, rafters and other general carpentry applications. The saws also make straight crosscuts and, when equipped with the right blade, the versatility of a miter saw is an important part of a tool arsenal for professional carpenters as well as DIYers.

How do you get a 45 degree angle on a miter saw?

With the wood laid on the saw’s table and against the fence, you can now unlock the pivot joint to pivot the blade to a 45-degree angle, whether left or right. With the blade pivoted to a 45-degree angle, without turning the saw on, move the blade down to the wood, just to ensure that everything lines up.

How is the size of a compound miter saw determined?

The size is determined by the blade diameter which usually varies from 8 to 12 inches and it’s the factor that affects the width and thickness of the material you can cut. You should also choose the compound miter saw that has a suitable amperage rating. For heavier-duty jobs, you should get a higher amperage rating and vice versa.


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