How to Use mitre 10 saw

What do you need to know about miter saws?

Let the saw come to a stop before lifting it out of the wood. A compound miter saw has a blade that will cut miters and bevels at the same time (thus the name compound, as in compound cut.) The diagram below shows the bevel and miter adjustments. Most miter saws should have a fence. The fence lets you rest the back of your board against.

Can a mitre saw be used for crosscuts?

Mitre saw (also known as Miter saw outside the UK) is all about the crosscuts and miter cuts. it is one of the best tools to cut tight-fitting joints on mouldings. So, whether you are making windows, doors or cabinets, you can get the sharp joining cuts using a mitre saw with right blade adjustment.

What are the safe operating procedures for a miter saw?

Miter Saw Safe Operating Procedures 1. The miter saw is designed to cross-cut your work piece. Operate only once you are certified on the miter saw. 2. Make sure all guards are in place and operating correctly. 3. All materials should be inspected for defects such as warps, knots and foreign objects.

How much does a compound miter saw cost?

You can usually find an entry level miter saw for less than $200, or find a used one on Craigslist. What is a compound miter saw? The basic miter saw only makes vertical cuts because the cutting blade is perpendicular to the workbench.


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