how to use mk 660 wet saw

What do you use a Mk wet saw for?

An MK wet saw is used for cutting ceramic tile, quarry tile, marble and slate. They are available for rent at home remodel and tile stores. They are called wet saws because a source of water is pumped over the blade to keep it and the tile from overheating.

What makes a Mk 101 tile saw so good?

The MK-101 features a powerful, high torque, fan-cooled motor and one-piece unitized steel frame. The linear guide bar system provides precise cutting on the entire length of the cut. The blade guard has been engineered to provide optimal water flow and is wide enough to accommodate a profile wheel.

Can a Kobalt tile cutter be used as a wet saw?

Water can either be pumped externally or internally while the wet saw is in operation. Here are different types of wet saws that are available to choose from depending on one’s need. When needing to cut tiles into circles a tile circle cutter is the preferred Kobalt tile saw.

Can a Mk Diamond Power saw be replaced?

This authentic replacement part is designed for use with MK Diamond power tools. This is a manufacturer sourced replacement part used on a MK Diamond tile saws. This is an aftermarket switch that can be used in the MK tools listed below. It is a genuine OEM replacement part and is sold individually.


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