How to Use plunge cut circular saw

How do you make a plunge cut with a circular saw?

Once you have the dimensions of the proposed cut laid out on your project, it’s time to make your cut. Place the saw in the middle of the cut and line up the guide with your line. Squeeze the trigger and slowly lower the blade into the wood, allowing the cut of the blade to pull the saw through the wood.

Why do you need a plunge saw for power cutting?

The plunge saw is used for making straight cuts, cross cuts, angled cuts, and other cuts that would be rather difficult to make using other types of power cutting tools. It reduces the possibility of injuries since the blade is encased in the saw. It reduces dust around your work station.

What's the best way to use a circular saw?

Focus on using your elbow to push your arm straight through the cut and follow along the edge of the square, use your saw's guide mark and you’ll get straight cuts every time. You can use a circular saw to cut holes out of the middle of a sheet of wood, but it requires a steady hand and a little practice.

Can a plunge saw be used as a track saw?

A plunge saw, sometimes referred to as a track saw, is a type of hand held circular saw which slides on a rail during application. You can perform long and accurate cuts with a plunge saw. Unlike other saws, a plunge saw can be fed at the start of the material or be plunged directly into where you need to cut.


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