How to Use portaband blades

When to use a portaband band saw blade?

With a portaband when your blade is coarser than optimal (less than 3 teeth in the cut at one time) you can angle the blade to the work so the work appears thicker. Also, when using too coarse of a blade, use a very gentle feed.

What should the TPI be on a band saw blade?

If the correct TPI is not chosen the blade life will be dramatically reduced. TPI selection is arguably the most important decision when selecting a band saw blade. That’s why Dakin-Flathers have created this useful bandsaw teeth per inch chart. The number of TPI defines the pitch of the blade and can vary from 1 to 32 TPI.

What are the different types of band saw blades?

Types of Band Saw Blades 1 TPI –Tooth Per Inch. The number of teeth is one of the most important things about a blade because it is one of the factors that determine what the final ... 2 Course vs fine blades. ... 3 Form of blades. ... 4 Set of Tooth. ... 5 Blade Material. ... 6 Blade Width. ...

What kind of blades are used in metalworking?

Bimetal blades are commonly used in metalworking industry to cut tool steel, cast iron, structural steels, channels, and pipes. They can also be used to cut non-ferrous materials like aluminum, brass, bronze, copper etc.


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