How to Use portable circular saw

Can a circular saw be used as a portable tool?

The circular saw is also a portabletool, meaning you take the tool to the work, rather than resting the wood on the saw to make a cut. This range is extended even further with a cordless saw and a charged battery. You can make cuts quite literally anywhere.

How to make a circular saw at home?

1. Select the correct blade for the type of cut being made and the type of material being cut. 2. Adjust the saw base so the blade extends through the material being cut by no more than 1/4" 3. Mark material so that a good visible line is present to help guide the cut. 4. Align the saw blade on the waste side of the cut line.

What are the safety rules for a circular saw?

Here are the general safety rules when using a circular saw: Always remove the blade before making adjustments to the saw. Wear eye protection and hearing protection. NEVER cut a board or any other material down the middle when it’s resting on two supports. Always wear form-fitting clothes when using power tools; nothing dangly.

Is the circular saw the most abused tool?

I know it was the first power tool (along with a drill) I ever got from my dad, and, apart from a drill, it was the first power tool I ever used. However, although it is an integral member of the tool family that often does most of the heavy lifting in our projects, it is by far the most abused tool.


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