How to Use portable metal bandsaw

What can you do with a portable band saw?

It really is just a small version of a regular band saw, with one huge advantage: you can move it around a lot more easily which lets you take it to the material if it can’t be moved to a regular band saw. A band saw is typically used for cutting metal or wood and you change the blade to suit the material.

What kind of metal does a band saw use?

A band saw uses a continuous band of serrated metal to cut various materials with speed, usually with the help of two rotating wheels. Portable band saws do exactly as their name suggests, and are able to be carried around from job to job.

What are the safety guidelines for a band saw?

Band Saw Training Guide Page 3 of 5 SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR OPERATING A BAND SAW: Always use safety goggles Never place hands near active blade. Instead, user should use a piece of scrap wood to push stock through when it reaches end of the material Never wear gloves near the blade Wear ear plugs when cutting metal or plastic

What kind of motor does a portable bandsaw have?

This bandsaw converts from a bench-top metal cutoff saw to a hand-held portable metal cutting band saw very quickly. The motor is 1 HP 100V single-phase AC and double insulated. The voltage is 100V AC and was made in an ISO 9001 factory. If you are looking for a good and dependable portable bandsaw then...


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