How to Use powermatic 64b

What makes the Powermatic 64B table saw special?

What makes the 64B special is that, despite its contractor-style looks, it actually shares a lot with cabinet saws. It has cast-iron tables, a good fence, and everything can be finely adjusted. These are things not found on your average contractor saw. Combined with the relatively affordable price, this makes the 64B an interesting choice.

What's the difference between a Powermatic 64B and PM1000?

Just like the 64B, the PM1000 comes with two riving knives, one which can fit the blade guard, and one which has a low profile and can be used on through cuts (e.g. dados and grooves). Once again, check the section on the 64B for a more detailed analysis of these parts. The main difference with the 64B is that the PM1000 has a closed stand.

What kind of blade does Powermatic pm2000b have?

The PM2000B has the same type of cast-iron table, Accu-Fence, two types of riving knives, toolless blade guard, and arbor lock as the previous two machines. It also supports up to 10-inch blades]

What are the parts of a Powermatic tool?

Powermatic Tool Part 6288911 HSG. HORIZ. SLIDE PF3-11 Powermatic Tool Part 6292623 SCREW HEX-HD. M8X1.25 P-10 20 PLANER 208


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