How to Use powermatic bandsaw

How big is the blade on a Powermatic bandsaw?

It consists of a 15 x 15" tilting section and a fixed 15" x 5" extension for a total working surface area of 15" x 20". A balanced, nine-spoke cast iron wheel makes for smooth blade travel, and a Carter™ quick tension release lever makes blade changing easy.

When to replace safety guards on Powermatic band saw?

14. Keep safety guards in place at all times when the machine is in use. If removed for maintenance purposes, use extreme caution and replace the guards immediately. 15. Make sure the band saw is firmly secured to the stand or a work bench before use.

What are the bearings on Powermatic pm1500 bandsaw?

A four-sided guard surrounds the blade. The PM1500 features ball-bearing guide assemblies above and below the table, each with doubled-up bearings on both sides of the blade and a single thrust bearing with a centering groove to support the back of the blade.

What can you do with a band saw?

A band saw is nothing more than a powerful saw that has a sharp blade which consists of a band of toothed metal between at least two wheels. You can use them for many activities such as working with metal or wood. The most important thing is to use it correctly.


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