How to Use precision miter box

What do you need to know about a miter box?

A miter box consists of two components—a hand saw whose teeth are set for crosscutting (cutting against the grain of the wood) and a “box” that is pre-fashioned with slots on both sides to help the woodworker make accurate angled cuts (typically 90° and 45°).

How to cut precise angles with a miter box?

In Figure B, the dowel is in the miter box, and the saw is in the slots angled at 45°. A cam could be used to hold the wood in place, but I assume you may not have one, as many boxes are supplied without them. You can use your thumb to hold the wood, but keep your fingers away from the saw blade.

How do you use a miter to cut wood?

Place your wood or trim in the miter box, using any clamps or hold-downs to secure the piece to the box. Make sure to correctly orient the wood toward the angle of cut, noting whether you want the cut across the face of the wood (a bevel) or across the height of the wood (a miter). Using light passes,...

Where does guide bar go on precision miter sled?

The guide bar for this sled is unusual in that it can be put in two locations. The standard is for the blade straight up for a 90 degree cut. The second moves the sled 1/2″ (the thickness of the base) away from the blade for bevel cuts down to 45 degrees. It’s “L” shaped and fits snugly into the slot that is cut in the base:


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