How to Use quiet scroll saw

What's the proper way to use a scroll saw?

With your scroll saw on, direct the blade towards the first line. Use both hands to control the scroll saw along the marked lines on the wood as well as to position the piece of wood appropriately when you need to make turns. As you guide the wood, do not put your hands too close to the blade.

Is the scroll saw as quiet as a sewing machine?

It is as quiet as a sewing machine. Most scroll saws I've seen have about the same noise level as a sewing machine. Less than a vacuum cleaner. There are a number of the inexpensive types in the big box stores. But you might want to watch craigslist for your area for a couple of weeks.

What happens if you cut too fast on a scroll saw?

Cutting too quickly can result in burnt wood, and also heavily damage your blades by either breaking or bending them. Patience is the key – and should definitely be a trait of yours when using the scroll saw. If drilling a hole through a thin piece of wood, you can prevent splitting by placing a scrap piece below your workpiece.

How is a scroll saw different from a band saw?

A scroll saw is an electrically powered saw that uses a foot pedal for its operation. It is similar to the band saw, but it doesn't cut using a consistent blade loop. This means a scroll saw gives you more mobility and flexibility. The scroll saw uses a reciprocating blade that moves vertically to allow for more intricate cuts.

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