How to Use resaw bandsaw blade

What kind of band saw do I need for resawing?

A wider blade is best for resawing. Choose a 3/4-in.-wide band saw blade for most 14-in. band saws and choose a 1-in.-wide blade for most 15-in. band saws. Loading...

Do you have to sharpen the edges of a bandsaw?

When you are sharpening any tool, bandsaw blades, circular blades, even axe blades, it is important to try and maintain the integrity of the blades original edges without changing the angles or geometry.

What's the best way to make a bandsaw?

I learned a lot of lessons back then about how to make any bandsaw, and its owner, a can’t-miss resawing team. The first step is giving your bandsaw a good tune-up to set the table perpendicular to the blade, get peak performance from the guides, and ensure the blade tracks true. With your saw well-tuned, turn to the blade.

What causes a bow in a bandsaw cut?

A too-rapid feed speed, using a narrow blade with too many teeth, or a dull blade can also cause this bow in the cut. Stand a square 1⁄4" from the blade (you may have to raise the blade guard to accommodate the square), and press the center of the blade. Moderate pressure should deflect the blade to touch the square.


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