How to Use resawing wood

What do you need to know about resawing wood?

More About workislove » Resawing is a very useful skill to have in the wood shop, it's a fundamental type of cut, just like ripping or cross-cutting, but instead of cutting a board to length or width, resawing is cutting a board to thickness. This allows one to get multiple thin boards out of one larger, thicker piece of wood.

What's the best way to resaw a wood board?

Avoid twisting the saw in the cut to bring it back on track, as this will only work on the edge – the saw will still be off course in the middle of the board. Instead, apply a little lateral pressure and allow the set in the teeth to push the tool back closer to your line.

Can a re saw be used to cut wood?

Re-sawing is a bit less common, but very useful for certain applications. It's like a rip cut, with a twist - it involves ripping straight through the center of a board the thick way, producing two thinner boards.

Do you need a bandsaw to resaw wood?

By making your own veneers, you can start by making them extra thick, then plane or sand them down as thin as you want. So that's why you should learn how to resaw. Next I'll show you how I 've done it. Bandsaws are the most common tools for re-sawing.


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