How to Use ridgid miter saw stand

What do you need to know about Ridgid miter saw stand?

Backed by the Industry Leading Lifetime Service Agreement, this Mobile Miter Saw Stand and Utility Vehicle includes 2 mounting brackets, 2 material stops, 2 material supports, hardware, 2 wheels, a handle, 2 feet, a frame support leg, and an operators manual. RIDGID: Powerful. Durable. Professional.

How big is a 10 inch sliding miter saw?

10 inch dual bevel miter saws fill a huge percentage of job site miter saws. RIDGID recently released a new 10″ dual bevel sliding miter saw which replaces an older model MS255SR. This is a completely new design that features an impressive 0-70° left and right miter capacity.

How to use a miter saw when not in use?

1 Keep the saw unplugged when not in use. 2 Miter saws should be bolted to a stable work surface or securely clamped onto a miter saw stand. 3 New miter saws are adjusted at the factory but vibration during transport can knock the saw out of alignment. ... 4 Never clamp both sides of the board being cut.

Is the RIDGID ms1290lza sliding miter saw being produced?

Please know that the MS1290LZA is currently not being produced, and that a new RIDGID sliding miter saw model is possible in the future, but no information exists at this time to confirm anything regarding a possible new model. Regards, RIDGID


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