How to Use ridgid r4510

Is the RIDGID table saw r4510 heavy duty?

RIDGID truly surpassed my expectations with the R4510 Heavy Duty 10” portable table saw. It is a solid, stable, powerful, and portable saw that preforms beyond what I expected.

What's the difference between rigid and Ridgid r4513?

There is an active discussion on the RIGID website that discusses the differences you can find it here, The R4513 has a motor housing that bolts directly to the rack and pinion bevel adjustment that fully locks in place. The R4513 has changed to use plastic gears on the blade tilt mechanism.

What do you need to know about Ridgid tools?

The best tools and support. Rely on the industry’s largest customer service network for 24/7 product and field support. Register your RIDGID tools for the most up-to-date warranty and service information. Keep a record of your RIDGID tools for a handy reference in case of loss or theft and to be notified of any product related announcements.

How to contact Ridgid jobsite Jobsite table saw?

This saw comes with both a push tool and a rip fence. Thank you for asking, If you have further questions and would like to speak with a RIDGID Customer Experience Professional, please call, 1-866-539-1710 M-F from 9am-6pm EST. Hope this helps! - Vini


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