How to Use ridgid r4516

Is the RIDGID r4516 table saw a good vacuum?

Despite its affordable price, the R4516 has a relatively decent dust collecting capability. Just remember that since the table saw isn’t completely enclosed, there will be dust around your work area, but it should be easy to clean with a portable vacuum. The table also has onboard storage for the accessories that comes with it as a package.

What's the difference between rigid and Ridgid r4513?

There is an active discussion on the RIGID website that discusses the differences you can find it here, The R4513 has a motor housing that bolts directly to the rack and pinion bevel adjustment that fully locks in place. The R4513 has changed to use plastic gears on the blade tilt mechanism.

Where can I buy RIDGID Tool parts online?

Shop Ridgid Parts online by tool, model, and schematics. Tool Parts Direct has over 10,000 Ridgid parts and 5,000 Ridgid tool parts schematics. Ridgid Tools are the power tools professionals use. Ridgid builds its tools to withstand any job and any conditions: extreme heat or cold, dirt and mud, and years of use.

How to remove stock from Ridgid r4516 workpiece?

Feed the stock only to the mark previously made at 6 in. Turn the saw Off and allow the blade to completely stop rotating before removing the stock. Reset the rip fence and cut spaced rips into the workpiece to allow approximately 1/4 in.


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